Water Supply Issues, Cayo Santa Maria

We regret to advise that on February 28th a water disruption in Cayo Santa Maria began to affect the area resorts, including those operated by Blue Diamond Resorts, and persisted through to March 3rd.  While the broken pipeline was fixed and it was advised that the area water supply was restored at this point, Starfish Cayo Santa Maria continued to have issues with water pressure.  Hotel management was in continuous communication with Gaviota, the property owner, and were re-assured on several occasions that the issue had been addressed and full water pressure would be restored within the coming hours, however the water pressure wasn’t entirely restored until March 10th.  During this period, water reserves were used to manage the hotel operations, but we are very apologetic for the inconvenience caused by low water pressure in the guest rooms.   

While the disruption to water supply was a municipal infrastructure issue which Blue Diamond Resorts doesn’t have direct control over, we remain extremely unfortunate for the inconvenience felt by our guests and remain committed to resolving outstanding guest relations issues to our customer’s satisfaction.

For additional information or questions please contact:

Natalie Walsh
Corporate Manager, Public Relations